FormationsMasterMatériauxEnseignementsTU15 Themal, structural and morphological analysis

Master MatériauxUE TU15 Themal, structural and morphological analysis


Thermodynamics reminders on solid state reactions, (ir)reversibility, homo/heterogeneous, state equation

Principles, techniques specificity and equipments

Determination of thermodynamics and kinetics data : melting point, enthalpy, heat capacity, activation energy

Proportions in a mixture, magnetic transition, purity, glass transition, molecular weight

2 - Textural and surface analyses (specific surface area, porosity, Zeta potential)

Basics : physi- vs chemi-sorption, Langmuir law, BET equation, Kelvin and BJH laws, rheology and diffusion

Equipments and samples preparation

Determination of the BET specific surface area, porosity, porous volume, pore size distribution and zeta potential

Applications, Accuracy and meaning of the results.

3 - Morphological study (SEM)

Theory, principles and equipments, Samples preparation, observation and analytical tools linked to the technique

4 - Practical course

As practical course, one would suggest a complete analysis of one powder (prepared within the course of this Unit or another Unit) in order to draw a complete description of the solid sample from the results obtained on different techniques. This physical characterization will be further completed by some elemental chemical analysis and other chemical titrations, such as the determination of the mean oxidation state or the Potential of Zero Charge.

Langue utilisée

Langue principale utilisée par cet enseignement : Français.

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  • Cours magistraux : 20 heures
  • Travaux dirigés : 8 heures
  • Travaux pratiques : 12 heures