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Master InformatiqueUE Computational Biology


Computational biology will introduce the biological concepts necessary to model complex systems, implement modelling approaches (differential, logical, stochastic or deterministic equations) to develop mathematical models of a biological system, analyze mathematical models and biological data to understand complex systems and assess the adequacy between a biological question.

The course is divided in 2 sections :

  • computational neuroscience : dynamic models of neuron function : dynamic behavioural simulation, biological aspects, computer complexity, analytical aspects
  • bioinformatics : alignment, molecular phylogeny, prediction and modelling of structural aspects of proteins, cis-regulation

Langue utilisée

Langue principale utilisée par cet enseignement : Anglais.

Modalités d'organisation

Lectures (14h), TP (16h)

Volume des enseignements

  • Cours magistraux : 14 heures
  • Travaux pratiques : 16 heures



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