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Master InformatiqueComputer graphics and applied geometry


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The GIG curriculum focuses on 3D modeling, computer graphics, and applied geometry. The pedagogical goals are balanced between industry and research : the geometric model is at the heart of problems that are addressed : automatic 3D mesh generation, geometry processing algorithms. The connected contexts are : CAD/CAM, rendering, animation, virtual and augmented reality, video games industry.

Jobs after the master GIG :

  • Developer of graphical applications
  • Geometric modeling expert
  • Research and development engineer
  • Research fellow
  • Video games programmer
  • Virtual reality expert

Links with research

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The GIG curriculum is both research- and industry-oriented, with no explicit distinction.

After the master, the students will be able to apply to industry positions (graphic developers for video games, 3D engines, graphic algorithms, simulation, VR and AR, geometric data analysis, real-time graphic applications, mobile graphic applications) or to continue in the academic world and apply for a PhD position. National research communities are supporting the master GIG : AFIG (Computer Graphics French Association), GTMG (Geometric Modeling Workgroup), GT GeoDis (Discrete Geometry Workgroup), GdR IGRV (Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality Workgroup).

Members of the pedagogical team of the master GIG are members of the LIS lab (Computer Science and Systems) in the following research teams : G-Mod, ACRO, QARMA, BDA. Other members come from ENSAM (Arts et Métiers), or other labs of the area.

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