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Master Bio-informatiqueUE Probability and statistics for modelling 2


This course is addressed to students with a background in biology, and aims at enforcing the theoretical grounds in order to allow them to apprehend advanced statistics. The following concepts will be investigated :

  • Numerical sequences and series (limits, convergence)
  • Continuous laws of probabilities (normal, Student, chi2, Snedecor distribution).
  • Introduction to the different notions of convergences in probabilities and Relationships between the different laws (convergence between laws).
  • Law of large number and Central limit theorem

Language used

Main language used by this course: Anglais.

Structure and organisation

Lectures will provide a summary of basic concepts, which will be applied in practicals and personal homeworks.

Volume of teachings

  • Lectures: 6 hours
  • Tutorials: 6 hours
  • Pratical works: 6 hours

The trainings which use this course