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Master EconomicsUE Risk and incentives


The main objective of this course is to provide the students with a theoretical synthetic framework so that they can face the difficulties of the study of economic decisions under uncertainty. Two main general topics will be dealt with : (1) the theory of decision under uncertainty, and (2) the moral hazard issues between several economic agents.

Course outline :

Chapter 1 : Risk, uncertainty and strategies

  • Introduction of the main concepts (risk, uncertainty, probability, moral hazard, adverse selection)
  • Probabilistic framework (space of states, random variables)
  • Numerical decision criteria (preferences, representation by a numerical criteria)
  • Game theory, Principal-Agent model

Chapter 2 : Expected Utility

  • The virtues of the expected utility (Saint-Petersburg paradox)
  • The axiomatics of the expected utility (objective and subjective expected utility)
  • The limits of the expected utility (Allais paradox, Ellsberg paradox)
  • Generalisations of the expected utility (rank-dependent expected utility, Choquet expected utility)

Chapter 3 : Risk Aversion and Risk Measures

  • Qualitative approach (certainty equivalent, risk premium, risk attitude)
  • Quantitative approach (local measures of risk aversion)
  • Stochastic dominance (first and second order)

Chapter 4 : Introduction to moral hazard issues

  • Risk sharing and sharecropping contracts
  • Credit with risk aversion of the borrower

Chapter 5 : Other applications

  • Risky saving
  • Application of the expected utility to static portfolio choice

Professional skills

  • Knowledge of concepts in the area of risk and uncertainty
  • Mastering of the standard criterion of the expected utility (theory and applications)
  • Knowledge of the limits of the standard model of the expected utility
  • Introduction to the models of moral hazard (theory and applications)

Languages used

Main languages used by this course:

  • Français
  • Anglais


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Fundamental prerequisites

Probability theory, consumer economics.

Recommended prerequisites

Mathematic of optimisation.

Structure and organisation

Professoral theoretical lecture and application. Written final exam.

Volume of teachings

  • Lectures: 24 hours