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SciencesUE How to Build a Habitable Planet


Introduction : spirit of the course

How the great forces of the universe have shaped the solar system and impact the earth system ?

How time and space are working on the dynamics of solar system and earth ?

How is the Earth different from other planets in the Earth system

Why does the Earth have solid and liquid envelopes and how are they arranged ?

Why and how did life appear on Earth ? Why is life not frozen ?

Why is the surface of our planet habitable as it transforms itself ?

How does the climate help maintain life and how it interacts with the evolution of the Earth system

How can we tell the story of the Earth and its evolution

How can we maintain a habitable planet ? Vulnerability

How can we maintain a habitable planet ? Resource

How can we maintain a habitable planet ? Modern stakes

Professional skills

Understand current major scientific issues

To be able to link the major scientific disciplines

Constituting and structuring a foundation of fundamental knowledge and a cultural background in Earth and environment sciences

Extract from a scientific document, or an observation, the key elements and hypotheses necessary for the analysis and resolution of a scientific problem

Demonstrate scientific rigor and critical analysis in the application of one's knowledge

To know the scientific language specific to the disciplines of the Louis Pasteur portail

Language used

Main language used by this course: Français.


Volume of teachings

  • Lectures: 26 hours
  • Tutorials: 14 hours