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Bachelor's degree Computer science


Computer science is a young displine that is constantly evolving and profoundly modifying our society. Its applications have become ubiquitous and come mainly from scientific advances in research that, moreover, has strong connections to many other disciplines such as physics, biology, or the humanities. But Computer science is not only a tool : France needs to train many computer scientists who understand the driving forces of the discipline, then turn to its technological or scientific aspects. The general objective of the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science is to train tomorrow's computer scientists by providing students with all the tools to create, build and develop their knowledge and skills to adapt to and choose their future job.

Targeted students

High school graduates in Science

Admission conditions

First year admission : through one the following admissions platforms : Parcoursup, Études en France, green DAP or white DAP depending on the situation. The Bachelor's degree in Computer Science is open to any holder of european high school diploma or any equivalent. Since this bachelor degre is primarily intended for holders of science high school diplomas, students with another type of high school diploma will be offered a year of scientific training.

Second or third year admission : through one the following admissions platforms : eCandidat or Études en France depending on the situation.

Structure and organisation

  • The first year called portal René Descartes, is a year of discovery common to four fields : Computer Science, Mechanics, Mathematics and Physics. It includes teaching in these four subjects as well as English and guidance and vocational integration courses.
  • The second year offers two possible learning paths of two years : Computer Science or Mathematics and Computer Science. Students in any of these two learning paths will have the opportunity to reorient into the other path at the end of the second year if they wish.
  • The third year offers two other possible learning paths : Computer Science Technology applicable to the Management of Businesses and plurisciences. These two learning paths are accessible to students who have completed a second year of the Computer Science or Mathematics and Computer Science courses.

Academic content

The objective of the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science is to give a solid scientific background in the field of computer science (major), as well as a good foundation (minor) in mathematics or business management (depending on the course). It provides the fundamental basis for mastering the evolution of the discipline, as well as practical knowledge immediately useful in the professional world.

Professional skills

  • Identify, articulate and implement the theoretical and technical tools of computer science best adapted to the resolution of a complex computer problem.
  • Model a problem, design technical and/or algorithmic solutions, implement them and evaluate them against criteria of efficiency, reliability and quality of design.
  • Read and use documents in French or English : documentation, scientific text and specifications. Present orally or in writing the results of a work with clarity, brevity and rigor.
  • Use the tools and techniques of IT project management : development environment, version control, production automation and methods of project management.
  • Carry out an IT project taking into account the needs of a client, being aware of the existence of non-technical issues. Be introduced to the processes of production, dissemination and exploitation of knowledge and technologies.
  • Develop your personal and professional project. Know the issues related to intellectual property, including software licensing, and the protection of privacy.
  • Skill specific to the Computer science course : Understand the operation of computer systems (networks, operating systems, architectures, programming languages ? ?and database management systems), use their dedicated tools, design interfaces.
  • Skill specific to the Mathematics and Computer science course : Treat a problem formalized by means of various mathematical tools in both continuous and discrete models (among others analysis, algebra, probabilities, statistics, logic…).
  • Skill specific to the Computer Science Technology applicable to the Management of Businesses course : Understand and apply project management principles, implement methods, tools and processes to fit into the project team, assist the project manager or manage simple projects. Identify the challenges of aligning the information system with the business strategy of the company.
  • Skill specific to the Pluriscience course : To awaken and educate a scholar or extracurricular public to the sciences by transmitting rigorously and pedagogically multidisciplinary knowledge.


Disciplinary professional opportunities exist at the end of the Computer Science Degree, due to the increasing use of computers in our society. Accessible trades include : programmer analyst, information systems developer, web designer, database, system or network administrator assistant, or assistant computer engineer.

Further education

The natural study continuation of the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science are the masters listed below for each course :

An admission based on academic record in engineering schools is also possible at the end of second or third year of the degree. For students who prefer shorter and more professional studies, an admission based on academic record in one of the professional licenses of the Faculty of Sciences is possible, after a second year validated : "IT professions : conception, development and software test« and »Business Intelligence and Statistics".


Partner laboratories : LIS and I2M

Support for your academic achievement

In order to increase success in the first year, two systems have been set up within the faculty of sciences :

Labor market integration

Mandatory specialized teaching units have been set up to develop a professional project in the first year and prepare for job search in the third year. An optional third year internship (compulsory for the Computer Science Technology applicable to the Management of Businesses course) provides a first experience in the professional world.

Studies abroad

Part of this degree (generally the third year) can be done abroad via the ERASMUS and CREPUQ programs, benefiting from a pedagogic and administrative follow-up by the responsible teachers, in both countries, and by the department of international relations. Reciprocally, the bachelor degree inf computer science regularly welcomes foreign students via the ERASMUS, CREPUQ and AVERROES programs.