TrainingsLicence généraleComputer scienceLearning path: Computer Science Technology applicable to the Management of Businesses

Bachelor's degree Computer scienceLearning path: Computer Science Technology applicable to the Management of Businesses


The general objective of the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science is to train tomorrow's computer scientists, by providing students with all the keys to creating, building and developing their knowledge and skills to adapt to and choose their future job.

Within this general framework, the objective of the Computer Science Technology applicable to the Management of Businesses learning path is to focus on the Management of Information Systems. The aim is to develop a dual skil iin IT and Management in order to better understand the needs of companies and provide the most appropriate digital solution. The professionalisation is very developed in this path with the objective of experimenting in real situation the concepts seen in lecture courses but also offer a possibility of professional integration at the end of the degree or a continuation of studies.

Links with research

In the third year, a compulsory education unit, either in the form of a project or in the form of an internship, will be an opportunity for students to come closer, according to their preferences, to the laboratory's research activities. In addition, the possibility of doing introductory courses in research will always be offered to students of the computer license.

Professional skills

General skills :

  • Use disciplinary and transdisciplinary scientific knowledge
  • Develop a scientific approach
  • Communicate clearly and rigorously in French and English
  • Develop and implement individual or team projects
  • Implement disciplinary skills in the work environment
  • Develop a project to facilitate integration within a professional organization and an ethic promoting accountability

Skills specific to the MIAGE course :

  • Apply a proven algorithmic solution to the classic problems that can be encountered in a professional situation
  • Implement simple computing processes according to the main programming paradigms
  • Identify and assimilate the strategy of a company in order to align IT developments with the company's business lines
  • Design and operate databases according to business needs Understand and apply the principles of IT project management

Volume of teachings

  • Lectures: 234 hours
  • Tutorials: 264 hours
  • Internship: 8 weeks

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Further information

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