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An introduction to the sociolinguistic study of language and the complex relations between language and social structure. Topics include an overview of the recent history of the discipline and early sociolinguistic experiments, an introduction to sociolinguistic method, multilingualism and code-switching, language attitudes, language and identity, and linguistic relativity. For each class students will be required to read the relevant texts on AMeTICE. Students will also be required to give short presentations in class.

Langue utilisée

Langue principale utilisée par cet enseignement : Anglais.


Bibliographie :

Trousdale, Graeme. 2010. An Introduction to English Sociolinguistics. Edinburgh : EUP.

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18h CM

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Régime standard et dérogatoire : CT écrit 1h30

Régime standard et dérogatoire 2ème session : écrit 1h30

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