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Contemporary news provides regular examples of the role played by global media networks in international relations. However, the roots of modern-day international communication extend beyond the digital era into the twentieth-century. This course will begin by addressing the impact of the advent of mass communications on international relations in the early twentieth century before focusing specifically on the period 1939-1960. We shall look at how the UK used various media forms as a means to inform and persuade foreign audiences both in war and peace. Overall, the course seeks to stimulate debate as to the meaning of the concept of propaganda and its relevance in relation to a liberal democracy such as the UK.

Langue utilisée

Langue principale utilisée par cet enseignement : Anglais.


Compulsory textbook :

Norman Lowe, Mastering Modern British History (4th edition, 2009)

This book will provide you with the essential historical background for the course. Multiple copies are available at the university library. Everyone should read chapters 25 to 30 (stop at the end of 30.4) and chapters 33-34.

Additional reading :

David Reynolds, Britannia overruled : British Policy and World Power in the Twentieth Century (2000)

Chapters 1, 5, 6 and 7 provide further detail of Britain's status in the world over the key period 1919-1960.

Pré-requis recommandés

Niveaux B2/C1.

Modalités d'organisation

CM 1,5h par semaine.

Volume des enseignements

  • Cours magistraux : 18 heures