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Bachelor's degree Économie et gestionUE Managing data bases, SQL no SQL


Goals :

This course aims at introducing the world of databases to students without any background in this area. The interest is twofold : first, the SQL paradigms and second, the NoSQL paradigms. MySQL and mongoDB will be employed for applications.

Course outline :

• MDSN : SQL101 o Relational Database principles o Vocabulary o Queries o Normalization

• MDSN : NoSQL101 o Introduction o Definition and principles o NoSQL vs. SQL

o NoSQL types o Examples

• MDSN : NoSQL 2 o Choices, synthesis o TurnKey mongoDB

o Ubuntu and mongoDB

o First steps o mongoDB console o Example : Restaurants (PyMongo) o Exercises

• MDSN : MapReduce o MapReduce principles

Professional skills

  • Knowledge about databases
  • Understand the SQL paradigms
  • Understand the NoSQL paradigms
  • SQL applications
  • NoSQL applications
  • Learn to self-improve on the discussed topics

Language used

Main language used by this course: Anglais.


  • “SQL Cookbook” (2005) by Anthony Molinaro
  • “SQL the Ultimate Beginners Guide : Learn SQL Today” (2016) by Steve Tale
  • “Getting Started with NoSQL” (2013) by Gaurav Vaish
  • “Seven Databases in Seven Weeks : A Guide to Modern Databases and the NoSQL Movement” (2012) by Eric Redmond and Jim R. Wilson
  • “Data Access for Highly-Scalable Solutions : Using SQL, NoSQL, and Polyglot Persistence” (2013) by John Sharp, Douglas McMurtry, Andrew Oakely, Mani Subramanian, Hanzhong Zhang

Recommended prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of databases
  • Basic skills in Python
  • Basic knowledge of operating systems (Windows, Linux)
  • Basic knowledge of database servers

Structure and organisation

  • Interactive lectures with broad discussions on examples
  • Exercises
  • Evaluation : group project (4-5 students) with report

Volume of teachings

  • Lectures: 24 hours

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