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The course introduces to the main topics in health economics : healthcare demand and supply. It emphasizes the behaviors of agents in the light of the mains results of microeconomic and decision theory.

Course overview :

Chapter I. Why health economics ?

1 Bad/good motives

2 A relevant field of economics

3 A challenging perspective for economics

Chapter II. Is health a luxury good ?

1 Income and health and healthcare consumption

2 The more you pay the better your health ?

Chapter III. The production of health

1 The physician as a (perfect ?) agent

2 Fees and physician labor supply

Chapter IV. The demand for health

1 The consumer as health producer

2 The demand for health capital

3 The deterioration of health capital

4 Consumer choice and demand

Professional skills

Understanding and explaining the determinants of agents' behaviors in the area of healthcare production and demand.

Language used

Main language used by this course: Anglais.


  • Phelps CE. Health economics, Pearson, 5th edition, 2013
  • Folland S, Goodman AC, Stano M. The economics of health and health care, Pearson, 7th edition, 2013
  • Sloan F, Hsieh CR. Health economics, MIT Press, 2012
  • Fuchs VR. Who shall live ? Health, Economics and Social Choice, MIT Press, 2nd edition, 2011

Recommended prerequisites

Microeconomics (intermediate)

Statistics and econometrics(advanced)

Structure and organisation

Lectures : 6x4h

Assessment : test

Volume of teachings

  • Lectures: 24 hours