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After having defined an environmental externality, this course introduces the main instruments that allow to correct them. Then, the link between growth and environment is studied through the existence of resources or pollution.

Course overview :

Part 1 : The theory environmental externalities

  • Chapter 1 : Definition of environmental externalities
  • Chapter 2 : The means to correct externalities

Part 2 : Environment : A break on growth ?

  • Chapter 1 : Growth with exhaustible resources
  • Chapter 2 : Growth with renewable resources
  • Chapter 3 : Growth and pollution

Professional skills

To know the main environmental issues, taking a microeconomic viewpoint and a macroeconomic one, a static as well as a dynamic one.

Language used

Main language used by this course: Anglais.


  • P. Bontems et G. Rotillon (2007), L’économie de l’environnement, La Découverte.
  • Schubert, K. et P. Zagamé (1998), L’Evironnement, une Nouvelle Dimension de l’Analyse Economique, Vuibert.
  • Mäler, K.-G. and J. R. Vincent (2005), Handbook of Environmental Economics, North-Holland.

Recommended prerequisites

  • Advanced microeconomics
  • Advanced macroeconomics
  • Methodology

Structure and organisation

Lectures with a written examination.