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DESU Magistère Ingénieur EconomisteUE Financial markets.


1) Goals : The main aim of the course is to provide the students with fundamentals in finance theory. The emphasis is on portfolio choice theory and on financial markets equilibrium .

2) Course overview :

Chapter 1 : Risk and decision

Chapter 2 : The modern portfolio choice theory

Chapter 3 : Equilibrium models

Chapter 4 : Portfolio performance measure and management styles

Professional skills

Basic knowledge in financial theory.

Language used

Main language used by this course: Anglais et Français.


Danthine, J.-P., Donaldson, J.B., 2005. Intermediate Financial Theory. Academic Press Advanced Finance Series, Elsevier.

Elton, E.J., Gruber, M.J., Brown, S.J., Goetzmann, W.N., 2011. Modern Portfolio Theory and Investment Analysis. Eighth Edition, Wiley.

Kast, R., Lapied, A., 2006. Economics and finance of risk and of the future. Wiley.

Recommended prerequisites

Basic knowledge in financial products (stocks, bonds) and in discounting.

Structure and organisation

Lectures : 24H, tutorials : 12H

Controls : exercises concerning the tutorial (1/3) and questions about the lectures (weight 2/3)

Volume of teachings

  • Lectures: 24 hours
  • Tutorials: 12 hours


  • Jean Francois CARPANTIER
  • Andre LAPIED