TrainingsDE 2ème/3ème cycleDESU Magistère Ingénieur EconomisteCoursesL3 – Big Data 1

DESU Magistère Ingénieur EconomisteUE L3 – Big Data 1


1) Goals : Master the tasks of data analyst required by data-driven organizations

Discover basic concepts and architectures of Big Data, Data Mining and Machine Learning.

Introduction to R language in R Studio

Learning basic technics for data collection with R

2) Course overview :

Lecture/Practical work 1 : Overview of big data concepts/techno, data mining, text mining, data visualization

Lecture/Practical work 2 : R basic commands in R Studio

Lecture/Practical work 3 : R basic commands continued

Data collection with R, Managing data with R (import / export / basic transformations), MS Excel advanced (pivot table) and other useful tools (Notepad++) for working with large files, export data using SQL and use it

Practical work : one day Technical Lab.

Language used

Main language used by this course: Anglais.

Recommended prerequisites

Basic knowledge of descriptive statistics and IT tools

Basic knowledge of Ms Excel & Ms Windows

Confort with data manipulation but previous experience with R is not required.

Structure and organisation

4 lectures/practical works of 6 hours

Location : Aix En Provence, AMSE, Ferry

Continuous assessment.

Volume of teachings

  • Pratical works: 24 hours