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Master InformatiqueComputational and Mathematical Biology – CMB


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CMB is an international Master of science dedicated to the analysis and the modelling of complex biological systems, created as a part of the graduate school of the Turing Center of living systems (CENTURI).

This Master is shared by the departments of computer science, mathematics and biology, and aims at gathering students with a high potential coming from different backgrounds and at benefiting from the interdisciplinary synergies between training experts in that scientific area on the rise.

CMB offers a program by and for scientific research, with many opportunities for pursuing studies towards a PhD or obtaining a job in numerous companies having a research department.

On the computer science side, the main courses are dedicated to theoretical aspects of the discipline, in order for students to master advanced and essential concepts for the modelling of natural phenomena (models of computation, complexity, dynamical systems). Other courses allow in parallel to develop skills in mathematics and biology.

Links with research

This Master of science relies on the activities and skills of the laboratories that compose the Turing center of living systems (CENTURI).

Recommended prerequisites

As this Master is a research-focused study path, a BSc in Computer Science obtained with Honors is required.

Professional skills

  • Knowing and understanding the fundamental characteristics of computational models useful to model complex systems.
  • Acquiring the biological concepts required to model living systems.
  • Using and mastering the computational and mathematical methods and tools to elaborate and analyse models of biological systems.
  • Choosing and implementing the methodology adapted to the modelling of a given problem / biological system.
  • Evaluating the feasibility and the efficiency of a computational choice for the analysis of a complex system.
  • Collaborating to a research activity as a part of an interdisciplinary group.

Internships and supervised projects

Group projects and internships in research laboratories will lead students to apply interdisciplinary approaches and interact directly with researchers from the institutes of the Turing Center for Living Systems (CENTURI).

Specific teaching conditions

The Master Computational and Mathematical Biology, entirely taught in English, combines theoretical and practical courses of mathematics, computer sciences and biology. It provides an interdisciplinary training oriented towards modelling of complex biological systems.

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Further information

Secretariat :

  • Sonia KERBACHE (, tél. : 04 91 82 90 80, Aix-Marseille Université, Campus Luminy. Bâtiment TPR2 ET GRAND H. 163 av. de Luminy. case 901. 13009 Marseille.