Master Finance


Master degree in Finance is divided into 3 paths : Finance - Business and Markets, Wealth Management, Financial Risk Management.

Finance is designed to train high-level executives in the fields of Finance and Financial Consulting. Particular attention is paid to a fundamental and responsible approach to this finance with its latest developments in corporate finance, asset management and also wealth management. The aim is to control the financial system as a whole in terms of its overall operation and products, as well as that of national and international regulation in an ever more complex environment.

At the end of the first year, students are able to have a global vision of the complex and cross-cutting problems that financial institutions and institutions face or that govern the major financial decisions conditioning the value creation of the different stakeholders.

The second year of the Master allows students to acquire a strong specialization « trades » that they can implement through a long-term internship, and « research » by preparing a final dissertation ; some may optionally strengthen this research dimension to pursue a doctorate in management sciences degree Finance.

The skills to be acquired must enable students to have the initiative and decision-making autonomy that makes them fit for positions of responsibility in Corporate Finance, Financial Risk Management, Asset Management and in Wealth Management, which operates in administrative and financial departments, in banks, merchant banks and private banks, in insurance companies, but also in management companies, investment funds and services and companies of financial advice.

Academic content

At the end of the first year of Master (M1), students obtain general knowledge about the functioning of the international financial system, market finance, including risk management and portfolio management, as well as corporate finance and the accounting and tax rules that apply to it.

In second year of Master (M2) FEM, the knowledge to be acquired concerns business valuation, financing and investment issues, capital restructuring, management control, cash, asset and risk management.

In second year of Master (M2) GP, the knowledge to be acquired focuses on market finance and asset management, law, taxation, insurance, real estate, strategy, negotiation and customer relations as well as ethics.

In second year of Master (M2) MRF, the knowledge to be acquired relates to the functioning of the financial markets and their regulation, the valuation of the different financial assets, the quantification of the financial risks and the appropriate financial instruments to manage these risks.

Professional skills

- Manage and value assets and / or portfolios of financial assets

- Moving in a complex and international context

- Implement an internal and external growth strategy and associated funding

- Set up a management system and performance analysis

- Act as a responsible actor in finance and wealth management

- Negotiate to develop a network of customers and partners

- Analyze and evaluate to establish a heritage study

- Manage financial risk by implementing appropriate hedging instruments

- Analyze and evaluate to establish financial expertise or advice


Administrative and Financial Director, Management Controller, Treasurer, Analyst and Financial Engineer, Portfolio Manager, Wealth Manager, Management Advisor at the Private Banking, Asset Management Advisor, Financial Investment Advisor, Asset Manager, Back and Middle Office Manager, Front Office Manager, Quantitative Financial Analyst, Credit and Banking Risk Analyst.

Further education

The Financial Risk Management program is divided into two paths : a specialized path (with internship and minor thesis) and a research stream (with research thesis). The research stream may allow the student to pursue a PhD. The research dissertation will evaluate the student's analytical, synthesis and critical thinking skills and will be presented to a jury including at least one external reporter, an internal reporter and the dissertation’s director.


The professors of the Finance Master's teaching team are members, either of the Center for Studies and Research in Management of Aix-Marseille (CERGAM) or of the Research Group in Quantitative Economics of Aix -Marseille (GREQAM).

A partnership is in place with the SFAF (French Society of Financial Analysts) for the Master second year (M2) courses « Wealth Management » or « Management of Financial Risks » completed by the DESU « Asset and Asset Management ». This partnership M2 GP or MRF + DESU Asset and Fortune Management integrates the preparation and passage of the AMF Certification and allows to pass, by choice, through equivalences and preferential conditions, international professional degrees CIWM (Certified International Wealth Manager) or CIIA (Certified International Investment Analyst).

Support for your academic achievement

The support to success is ensured by a constant follow-up and support from both the teaching staff who have been involved for many years and from the training managers.

Support for your academic choices

The common core of the Master’s first year allows students to acquire general skills in the field of Finance and gradually discover the different specializations in order to make a choice of the specialization at the end of the Master’s first year (M1). This orientation is also facilitated by the interventions throughout the M1 of representatives of national and foreign companies to present the professional careers that they can offer.

Labor market integration

Some courses offer a personal development seminars contributing to a better efficiency in the research of internship, the realization of CV and cover letters, the preparation to the interviews of hiring.

Studies abroad

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An International Partnership Diploma (IPD) covers different types of collaboration between AMU and one or more foreign institutions with a view to either issuing a double or multiple diploma (s), or a joint diploma, or relocating AMU training within a partner institution.

More information on DPI. | Consult the certified training courses.

In order to meet the internationalization of professional opportunities in the field of Finance, students are progressively prepared from the M1 to take courses entirely in English. If they wish to continue teaching in English, the Master 2 MRF is divided into 2 courses : the classic program specialized in financial risk management where a large part of the courses are taught in English and the international program where all courses are taught in English for non-French speaking students.

Two partnerships aiming a double degree with a year of international mobility have been set up between Aix-Marseille University (Master Finance program « Management of financial risks » (120 ECTS)) and on the one hand the Catholic University of Louvain-LSM (Master in Management, Major in Financial Management (120 ECTS)) and on the other hand the University of Liège-HEC (Master in Management Sciences course « Financial Analysis and Audit » (120 ECTS)). The selected students leave for the M1 to follow the training at Louvain-la-Neuve or Liège, and return to follow the M2 MRF international program at AMU. Subject to successful completion of the two years of master, they will be able to obtain the double Master degree.