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Licence Administration publiqueParcours type : International Program of Public Management


The « Public Management » course of the Licence of Public Administration is a general management course allowing a continuation of studies in public or private management. Its aims are multiple : continuation of the Master's degree program at the University or Business School, preparation of competitions of the Administration requiring the License level.

License 3 provides management courses in continuity with License 2 in the fundamental disciplines of management : finance-accounting, human resource, marketing-communication. In addition, new disciplines applied to the public sector are provided (strategy, management control, information system) in addition to subjects offering a more global and sectorial vision of contemporary public management.

Formation et recherche

The student receives a theoretical and practical training articulating the general management activities present in the public sphere taking into account the contemporary issues of public performance. To do this, the theoretical lessons are backed up by group-led work that takes case studies of management as a learning material in a logic of competence. In addition to teaching, the student acquires a working method offering him the ability to carry out an information search for professional purposes that he will be able to exploit individually and / or collectively.

Pré-requis obligatoires

Access to this course is open to students holding the first four semesters of a License (or equivalent) in the area of administration-economy-management. Are accepted diplomas of level bac + 2 equivalents like the preparatory classes, BTS and DUT.

Pré-requis recommandés

Knowledge of the public sphere in general and public management in particular.

Régimes d'inscription

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Formation initiale
Formation continue

This route(course) in English language addresses in particular public foreigners avid to perfect their knowledge and skills in public management (pupils from Saudi Arabia and from Kuwait within the framework of agreement(convention) with Defense International board (DCI) acting through its branch AIRCO) but also to the French students. This route(course) declines in English language the teachings of the route(course) public management.

Compétences visées

Cognitive skills

- Search and analyze information in management

- Mobilize management functions to apply them to professional practices

- Analyze management situations to propose operational recommendations

- Use his knowledge to pass administrative competitions

Operational skills

- Write a structured academic dissertation

- Express yourself in a professional situation

- Write and express themselves in several languages with a managerial and sectorial vocabulary

- Mastering the ICT of the manager

- Write collectively

Social and relational skills

- Oral presentation in front of an audience and with ICT

- Work in a group and with collaborative ICTs

- Integrate into a professional structure

Métiers visés

Codes ROME :

Spécialité de formation (code NSF) :

  • 120g : Sciences économiques et sociales appliquées à l'aménagement et au développement, à l'administration territoriale, au commerce, aux relations sociales et aux ressources humaines, aux finances

Volume des enseignements

  • Cours magistraux : 222 heures
  • Travaux dirigés : 138 heures
  • Stage : 8 semaines

Modalités pédagogiques particulières

Teachings are evaluated on a continuous monitoring basis for tutorials and terminal examinations for lectures.


Capacité de la formation : 20 places.

Licence 3 International Program of Public Management Semestre 5 International Program of Public Management

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Licence 3 International Program of Public Management Semestre 6 International Program of Public Management

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Informations diverses

Responsable pédagogique :

Marius BERTOLUCCI,, tél. :

Contact pédagogique :

Guillaume GRAILLE,, tél :

Institut de Management Public et Gouvernance Territoriale

21-23, rue Gaston de Saporta

13625 AIX EN PROVENCE Cedex 01

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